Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Google poised to take on Facebook

Rumors are swirling this week about the potential of Google releasing a Facebook competitor. Sources say Google's "Mobile Me" will utilize (micro-blogging, twitter-like Google service)Google Buzz, but still strive for a first class, full social networking platform. As it stands, Google will have an uphill battle, trailing Facebook by 400 million + users. The questions remains, what will Google Me offer to bridge the seemingly insurmountable gap? I have a few ideas..
  1. More privacy options, first and foremost.
  2. The ability to integrate and leverage a myriad of Google's other platforms. Platforms that a Facebook wouldn't have access to: Google Search at the core to enable the transition and sharing of information. Buzz, combined with Google Maps/Latitude to offer location-based services on the go. Google Me could leverage Google Talk and Google Voice to offer a skype-like communication tool. Me could tap into Google owned Picassa or YouTube to seamlessly upload media to the social network.
  3. An open app platform modeled after Google's Android
Another Facebook- yeah.. wont work. Google has the infrastructure in place to offer some really interesting features that other social networks can not. They will need to differentiate themselves, and get it right the first time for users to adopt Google Me.

Thoughts and resources:
  • As an advertiser, I am extremely excited about the targeting possibilities. Google has perfected the search engine marketing model through AdWords- I cant wait to see what granular levels of targeting Google offers us through Google Me.
  • TechCrunch thinks that Google needs to clone Facebook to be successful. This article also brings up some valid points about how Google shouldn't try to tie the service to other Google products for the wrong reasons: http://tcrn.ch/aRMkvT

Monday, June 28, 2010

The World's Most Interesting Intern

I am not saying I have anything against our interns here at Stern.. BUT, Cisco Systems social media intern, Greg Justice, is gaining some serious viral buzz and setting a new bar for interns across the country.

"What are some of Greg's qualifications? Well, he's an impressive 6'7" tall, he planned an event with the president of Russia, he raps pretty well for a networking geek and he rocks an ergonomic desk chair. There's a lot more, too, but it's more fun in rap form, so check out the video."

Thoughts and resources:
  • Cisco has been "pimping" out their creative intern through every social media avenue possible. We saw them strive for "geek-chic" with indie superstar Ellen Page in recent ads. Greg is the next in line to attempt to make the somewhat dry, dorky brand cool again. I say why not, the kid's got some talent!
  • Follow Cisco Systems intern, Greg Justice on Twitter: http://twitter.com/flexitarian23/
  • Greg's Cisco blog: http://bit.ly/drX9TG

Monday, June 21, 2010

MUST SEE: An Encounter with Greatness

Earlier this week, I was sent a link to Louis Vuitton's incredibly creative promotional website for the 2010 World Cup. I love everything about this campaign- from the full screen HD layout of the site and visitor interaction, to the social media integration and even the artistic page transitions. Ogilvy Interactive absolutely nailed it with this one.

Thoughts and resources:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Foursquare Backlash

Location-based social network Foursquare has learned that certain locations illicit harsh responses. The Chinese government has blocked access to the service across the country after users began utilizing Foursquare to "check in" to Tiananmen Square and leave "sensitive comments" on the TS page for others to see, reports China-based Techblog86. Anyone who did manage to sneak in before the ban automatically received the "Swarm" and "Player Please" badges.

The Latest From Apple's Mobile Ad Platform

The much anticipated iAd platform is ready to roll out on July 1 on iPhone 3Gs or better and second or third generation iPod Touch models running on the new iOS 4 platform. Apple has already lined up $60 million in commitments from leading brands including AT&T, Best Buy, Target, Turner Broadcasting, Nissan, Unilever and Disney. With its new multitasking capabilities, iAd apps will allow users to engage with an ad within individual apps while watching videos or playing games and built-in ecommerce functionality will enable direct purchases of merchandise.