Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Google poised to take on Facebook

Rumors are swirling this week about the potential of Google releasing a Facebook competitor. Sources say Google's "Mobile Me" will utilize (micro-blogging, twitter-like Google service)Google Buzz, but still strive for a first class, full social networking platform. As it stands, Google will have an uphill battle, trailing Facebook by 400 million + users. The questions remains, what will Google Me offer to bridge the seemingly insurmountable gap? I have a few ideas..
  1. More privacy options, first and foremost.
  2. The ability to integrate and leverage a myriad of Google's other platforms. Platforms that a Facebook wouldn't have access to: Google Search at the core to enable the transition and sharing of information. Buzz, combined with Google Maps/Latitude to offer location-based services on the go. Google Me could leverage Google Talk and Google Voice to offer a skype-like communication tool. Me could tap into Google owned Picassa or YouTube to seamlessly upload media to the social network.
  3. An open app platform modeled after Google's Android
Another Facebook- yeah.. wont work. Google has the infrastructure in place to offer some really interesting features that other social networks can not. They will need to differentiate themselves, and get it right the first time for users to adopt Google Me.

Thoughts and resources:
  • As an advertiser, I am extremely excited about the targeting possibilities. Google has perfected the search engine marketing model through AdWords- I cant wait to see what granular levels of targeting Google offers us through Google Me.
  • TechCrunch thinks that Google needs to clone Facebook to be successful. This article also brings up some valid points about how Google shouldn't try to tie the service to other Google products for the wrong reasons: http://tcrn.ch/aRMkvT

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