Thursday, July 1, 2010

MUST SEE: A Race Across the Internet

Google Chrome strikes again with this incredibly creative, interactive viral video/trivia game/Rube Goldberg machine/Google service showcase.. Honestly, there aren't enough slashes or adjectives for me to really describe it. You must experience this for yourself:
Thoughts and resources:
  • As with any type of advertising, i suppose, we are trained to wear blinders. When I came across A Race Across the Internet, my eyes lit up. Chrome's ad is so brilliant because is engages by allowing users to participate in the storyline, while at the same time spurring our competitive human nature to help deliver the brands message.
  • This ad was created by BBH:
  • I have a prize for the first person that's beats my time of 2:21 on their first try! Email me with a screen shot! UPDATE: Congrats to Betsy King in the Cleveland office, killing it with a time of 1:46!

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