Friday, July 9, 2010

BP Damage Control Team Buying Search Terms

BP has purchased sponsored listings at the top of Google, Yahoo and MSFT Bing search results. Search for the terms "Oil Spill", "Oil Cleanup" or "Oil Leak" and you should find BP's oil disaster response website serving in the top position.

This is not uncommon. Many companies buy search terms in an attempt to control a message. What this means is that people searching for information about the spill have a good chance of seeing BP's site at the top of their search results. This practice is often considered unethical. Should we allow BP to control the message in the case of the biggest environmental disaster in US history? BP's ad:

BP Response
Learn About BP's Progress On The
Gulf Of Mexico Responce Effort.

And who is in the second position, you ask?

BP Gulf Oil Spill Lawsuit
Did you Suffer Damages From The
Gulf Oil Spill? Call 1-800-544-9922

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